Achie Tennyson
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In the process of individuation ♥

  1. “being in love with somebody who cannot really love you back…”

  2. “For the nth time, I’m falling for a wrong person… again.”

  3. “This time, I swear, we are infinite.”

  4. Besides my dad, this guy I love so much is my bestfriend since grade 6. He never forgets me tho he only have two days in a week to update me. He is in seminary and wanted to be a priest since we were still in grade school. It is only every Sunday that I have a chance to see him and nothing more than that. Small talks is all we can have. It is only during Tuesday and Sunday that we can have good conversations (sms). I miss him a lot. I support his decisions in life as how he supports mine. I am lucky enough to have such a thoughtful friend. He is the only guy that had said he is blessed enough to have me. And so I am thankful enough for all his concerns and everything for me, and everything we have. It is all worth keeping for. I call it a treasure. :)

  5. “Wait for someone who will look into your eyes and will sincerely say “I am so lucky to have you in my life and I am blessed enough that you are mine.”.”

  6. “There is this one person who will hug you during your downfall, who will listen to your unending stories, who will never underestimate you and your capacities, who will wipe your tears when you cry, who will want to be with you and spend the rest of his/her life with you, who will be very proud of all your success, who will always care for you, and who will never forget you.”

  7. let us.

    let us.

  8. “Minsan hindi ko na alam kung normal lang ba na mag-selos or what.”